Drawing by Carolyn Newberger

“Contrasts in vocal and instrumental colors extended through the performance, with solo, choral, and orchestral tonalities expressed with striking character. Where Kristine Opolais’s mature soprano has taken on a creamy tessitura, Oksona Volkova’s facile mezzo displayed an equally intense but more focused and reedy texture. While Jonathan Tetelman’s tenor was silvery and pointed, perfect for the judgmental declamations and confessions of guilt that fell to him, Ryan Speedo Green’s enveloping, burnished bass baritone was authoritatively stentorian and meltingly sorrowful. …

Kristine Opolais gave a totally committed performance. She served as the playwright dedicatee’s, Alessandro Manzoni’s, amanuensis, the principal storyteller, and a transparent medium for the longings and fears of humankind.  Her affecting investment in each phrase of the lyrics was graced by a sincere stage presence and musicality.  All through, her voice was gorgeous.”

-Carolyn and Eli Newberger, The Berkshire Edge 

“Soprano Kristine Opolais funneled spiritual pathos into her solos, which culminated in the stunning “Libera me.”

-Zoë Madonna, The Boston Globe