Opera singer Kristīne Opolais herself is like a jewel that has won the attention of the world’s largest opera houses and the love of the audience. Brilliance and magnetism are her calling card on stage. But outside of that, Kristine is different – very natural and also reserved in appearance.

Kristīne, to what extent is it important for you to be not only a talented and human-loved singer, but also a beautiful woman?

I will not deny that it is important to me, but appearance does not necessarily determine the appearance. I don’t like to create hairstyles, long coloring. I am for naturalness. If a woman has a strong personality, she doesn’t need much!

For example, I do not have glued lashes on stage either – in this respect, I am moving forward with trends. And also on a daily basis I avoid everything that could attract the attention of the people around me. I feel good, dressed in a light dress, boots, with a beautiful diamond ring on my finger. And nothing more! And this is not a story of minimalism, but of a woman’s naturalness and sex love, which we often lose behind bright cosmetics and eye-catching clothes. Gucci or Valentino should not be dressed from head to toe every day – it does not allow a woman’s personality to stand out. But many do not understand this in their youth or middle age. Although, just after the age of 40, you should be aware that a healthy lifestyle, inconspicuous clothes, beautiful but not screaming jewelry and minimally used cosmetics make a woman charming.

However, in the past, when you became a soloist from the choir, you were very bright, bright red-painted lips, deep décolleté…

For a while I couldn’t figure out why I once looked so bright, but now I have the answer. When a person is young, he has an enormous amount of energy and it also appears on the outside.

My passion was to become an opera soloist. Even when I was done, I didn’t go home – I never had too much opera life. I absorbed everything I saw and heard. I had to drive far home. My mother and I lived in Ķengarags, so I even had an idea – even if I could spend the night at the opera!

There must be such an obsession when you are at the beginning of your journey! And this desire to prove oneself and pay attention to others also appears in the visual image.

But you still have a bright feature – when you’re on stage, you can’t take your eyes off it. You have a huge sex appeal.

You know, I have one story about this. A friend of mine, a doctor by profession, had attended my concert with colleagues. Next to him sat a professor, who later said:

“So Opole really bothered me! I have to look at her even when she is not singing! ”

My friend told me about this incident so I know what power I have.

But it’s something that can’t be learned, artists just have it or not. I call it stage charisma and I am grateful to the Supreme for that.

You said that women themselves often bury their natural sex appeal under a striking appearance.

Yes, and I have an explanation for why this happens. Women cannot be natural if they have the wrong men next to them. If a man pays attention to others and does not allow his wife to be sure that she is the only one and the best, problems begin – a woman compensates complexes and hides behind a bright appearance. But in this way a woman loses her energy.

I think that the real man is not the one who knows how to earn money, but the one who does not compete with a woman, does not dominate, does not manipulate. The real man is the one who calms a woman’s heart. And a serious woman is beautiful. That’s why I often say to women – love and respect yourself! We do not have to accept things that are not acceptable to us internally. We should not be afraid to burn bridges when it comes to toxic relationships…

However, we are already rocked not only by the relationship, but also by various external circumstances.

You know, there is a lot that can really benefit us. When the pandemic started and working life came to a halt, I greatly appreciated that time. I was finally with my daughter during the day, and during that time I really understood what it means to love myself. I listened to myself, to my body – I played sports, cooked food, met people I would not have met in other circumstances. For example, we developed a collaboration with designer Ati Artemjeva, he introduced me to the brand GRENARDI . I am not one of the pampered women for whom someone buys jewelry, I have never run after them myself before, but looking at this beauty, I think: every woman deserves something like that…

It seems that any but world-famous artist definitely knows what it means to be gifted with beautiful jewelry!

I have been modest since childhood. We talked to my mom about it recently and she said, “You never asked me to buy you anything!” Maybe it’s not good, I can’t ask. Men have repeatedly called – just say what you want and I will give it to you! But it seems to me (and I have a learned feeling) that I have to get everything or buy it myself. I’m just learning what to ask the second one now.

What is your relationship with jewelry?

You know, the world of jewelry is very interesting and it tells a lot about a woman. If a woman wears something massive and very bright, so she needs attention, the woman wants to shine!

I hardly wear jewelry everyday, I have a good watch, one ring. But there are times when I want something more, and then I choose gold jewelry, a diamond.

I am no longer attracted to big stones. When I was still in my early career, I wore jewelry with large, natural stones. Maybe I needed more energy at the time. Contact with the stones is currently lost. I will now pay more attention to exquisite jewelry that incorporates rubies, diamonds or sapphires. Maybe it’s because my overall style has changed. For example, I really like the following combination – a masculine trouser suit with a silk top and diamonds. This style fascinates me.

I don’t like it when there is too much jewelry, but the collection I saw in the salon GRENARDI is a story about absolutely fantastic taste. The jewelry sets offered there are wonderful.

Probably only with years a woman is able to appreciate something really exquisite.

I don’t think a woman under the age of 35 should think about jewelry at all. A woman has to follow a certain path of life to understand who she is. Only then can taste and an external image that reflects the essence of a woman be formed. And then both jewelry enhances a woman’s charm.

For example, I used to wear inconspicuous, small jewelry.

At the moment I am calm down internally, my charisma is to be found in deep waters, so I am no longer afraid of jewelry.

Do you have any favorite jewelry?

So far, I have been wearing Pomellato jewelry. For example, last summer I spoke at Beckimgen Castle to Prince Charles and his guests. The concert was followed by a gala dinner. At that time, I chose a Pomellato necklace in the shape of a braid – all from diamonds. I even had the same ring. I have to admit that the bodyguard didn’t leave me all night ( laughs ).

But right now, I’d like to buy something new, something I really like.

GRENARDI has several beautiful collections, but I especially like Giorgio Visconti and Carlo Barberis jewelry.

I have noticed that during this period of my life I am also attracted to dark diamonds. Obviously I’m looking for jewelry that soothes.

Do you have any jewelry that serves as a mascot when climbing the stage?

I used to have them, but I don’t. I believe that the mascot must be internal, such as prayer. We are often unaware of the extent to which we can encode ourselves. Sometimes we feel the need to buy something and then this thing will bring happiness. In fact, we are ourselves, our thoughts bring happiness.

When I started my career, I wore a cross around my neck. But if it happened to be lost, it always seemed – what will happen to me now? That is why I have given up on things that, if lost, could upset me. It must be understood that we are guardian angels for ourselves.

I believe in mascots when it comes to jewelry inherited from grandparents. But I don’t have that. Therefore, inner conviction is most important.

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